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Tupperware Water Bottle: How to motivate yourself to Increase Water Intake?

Tupperware water bottle

Tupperware water bottle

Summer is the time when you should take your hydration needs seriously. Hot summer weather & staying outdoors may lead to exhaustion, dehydration & heat stroke that could be potentially damaging to one’s nervous system. It is important your body meets its daily requirement for water intake. Make measures to encourage yourself into drinking more water. For instance keeping a beautiful Tupperware water bottle close by.

Measures to keep oneself hydrated in summer

The first step should be ditching bottled water and replacing it with reusable water bottle. Disposable water bottles end up in landfills even if your country has been super keen about recycling plastic. What worse, these bottles are made up of cheap plastic and may leach harmful chemicals when left outside in a parked car during a hot sunny day.

Green Vegetables: Increasing green vegetables and food that are high in water content may aid in keeping you hydrated. For instance cucumber, cabbages etc.

Detox Water or Flavored Water:

Detox water using Tupperware Water Bottle

If plain water is too boring for you, you can go for funky “Detox water”. It makes use of your favorite fruits and vegetables. The nutrients are infused into your water by leaving detox greens into your Tupperware water bottle overnight. Simply take out your infuser from the fridge and sip throughout the day.

Reduce Stimulants: All the efforts to keeping you hydrated may go down the drain if you are not observing caution with consumption of natural stimulants. Stimulants like coffee and green tea may provide an immediate boost of energy but they actually have a diuretic effect that leads to dehydration. Make sure you reduce the drying agents such as caffeine and alcohol.

Green Juices: Make green smoothies and extract fresh juices to yourself. Choose a fun color Tupperware water bottle that motivates you to sip through it. Jazz up your water with fresh lemon juice & sea salt to mineralize it.

Always keep a stock of enough water in your refrigerator to quench your thirst. Tupperware water bottle for fridge has a spout opening that makes pouring in easier. It has a cylindrical body with a flat base that can be comfortably accommodated in the door taking as less space as possible.

Make Goals: You require water about half of your body weight in ounces. For instance if you are 100 pounds, you need 50 ounces of water every day. This is a rule of thumb but it can vary depending on your life pattern. If you are an athlete you need more water to meet your daily requirement. Make a goal for instance re-filling your go-to Tupperware water bottle three times a day.

It is definitely bulky to carry multiple store-bought bottles every day. Save money and planet by opting for reusable Tupperware water bottles when laying down your mission of staying hydrated this summer.

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