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Tupperware Storage: How to Thaw Frozen Meat Safely?

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Tupperware storage mates for freezer

When cooking meat, the biggest disaster during those busy days is defrosting it. You can defrost meat the 3 ways i.e. by leaving in cold water, in fridge or in microwave. However, if stored improperly in the freezer, the meat may develop bacterial growth as a result it will not remain palatable. Tupperware storage mates typically designed for freezer, lock any air outside that helps freezing your meat/uncooked food raw at its fresh form.

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Frozen Fresh Meat/ Food

Tupperware freezer mate

Always try to freeze your uncooked meat straight away. It is better to take out the meat from its packaging and stack it in Tupperware storage boxes meant for freezer. For cooked food and leftovers, there is no need to settle it in fridge for 3-4 days. For ultimate freshness, freeze your left overs if you fear it won’t be consumed the following day within 2-4 hours.

Freeze in Batches

It is more than a nightmare to freeze a whole batch of food and then having to thaw it all. Take Tupperware storage mates and divide your food in smaller portions. At the time of consuming, you will only have to defrost the little quantity of food that will be saving both time & energy for you.

Freezing Chicken in Tupperware Storage Mates

Tupperware storage mates

Chicken can breed bacteria faster than other forms of meat so it should be left overnight in the fridge. It is estimated that most of the food poisoning occurs due to consuming food that had been improperly stored. Re-freezing meat that has been thawed once contributes directly to food borne diseases.

  • Though you can safely defrost meat/mince in microwave; it is recommended to avoid microwaves as much as possible. Since microwave starts the cooking process, the inactive bacteria can become active leading to fast reproduction.
  • To freeze your chicken, the best practice is to keep it in airtight/seal tight Tupperware storage mates. The Ziploc bags are prone to leakage that may cause a disaster in your freezer due to spilling of meat juices. To defrost, you can simply immerse chicken either into cold water, in a Tupperware storage mate or leave your freezer mate containing chicken into refrigerator overnight.
Label your Containers

Last but not the least, labeling your food containers will prevent you tumbling through your freezer. It becomes easier to scan in an instant which storage container contains what food. Food can remain frozen up to years contrary to the common belief but the subzero temperature will affect the texture, quality and taste. It is best to cook food in large batches, divide in small portions and freeze in Tupperware mates that are BPA free to help prevent leakage of food juices in your freezer compartment. Before cooking food, make sure to bring the meat on room temperature to ensure even cooking.