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Can I Reheat Food Twice in Tupperware Microwave Containers?

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We, the house chef are often faced with left over foods at family feasts & gatherings. We are well aware that left over food should be immediately refrigerated within two hours of being cooked. However consuming it later, will call for reheating. Women who prepare food in big batches for the entire family are often guilty of reheating the food as many times as they wish for. The habit of exposing the food to microwaves this frequently run the risk of spoiling the taste & texture- yes even if you have been using Tupperware microwave safe containers & boxes.

So how many times can you reheat leftover food in Tupperware microwave containers safely?

Reheating Food Twice in Tupperware Microwave Containers

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As long as you are reheating the food at 165 F each time; it is technically safe to eat. However, keep in mind reheating leftovers could decrease the quality of food. You may find your food dried, beady & sticky or tough to chew (common with bread & pasta food). In short, reheating food changes the texture.

  1. The best reheating fact is to convert your food into Tupperware microwave safe containers & cover it with a lid. Make sure it has a vent to help release the hot fumes meanwhile. Do not microwave food with plastic wraps. If you have accidentally misplaced the lids, use kitchen paper towels or parchment paper instead.
  2. Tupperware microwave containers are easily identified by reading the bottom label. Not all containers by Tupperware are microwave safe. Tupperware microwave containers safe for reheating are not meant to cook your food in.
  3. If you prepare food in batches, it is recommended to take out only the portion you think you can consume at a time. Reheat the food, allow standing time & consume it right away. If you fear leftovers after a grand family meal; reheat the whole pot on 75F or above to the core of the food & refrigerate after it comes back to the room temperature. Remember leftovers should be consumed in 4 days otherwise consider freezing your food.

Tips to Safely Reheat the Food in Tupperware Microwave Safe Containers

  1. Heat ready to eat food, and leftovers from fully cooked food till steaming hot in covered Tupperware microwave containers. To retain the taste and texture it is not recommended to reheat the ‘once reheated’ food twice.
  2. If however you have to reheat your food couple of times consider adding moisture. Food that are already liquid such as stews & soups should be reheated fine. However, foods such as rice, pasta and those containing sauces may get over-cooked or dried. Add moisture either in the form of broth to your rice or prepare additional sauce for pasta. Pour it over & it is safe to reheat in Tupperware microwave.