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Can I make Overnight Oats with Tupperware Containers?

Tupperware Oats
overnight oats in Tupperware containers

You don’t necessarily need to pile up on mason jars unless you are a food blogger. You can make the best overnight oats using your all-time favorite Tupperware containers that taste divine & also look picture perfect.

Overnight Oats with Tupperware Containers

Overnight Oats in Tupperware Containers
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True, mason jars might allow a better saturation of oats because of them being deep and cylindrical. Unfortunately, it is a bitter fact that mason jars are not for you if you have toddlers around. Lets’ accept that although single serving mason jars make a beautiful addition to your collection; they take huge on storage space, are expensive & prone to damage leading to injuries. On the other hand, Tupperware Containers are even cheaper, reliable and available in beautifully joyous colors.

What to Look in a Container when Preparing Overnight Oats?

Tupperware Oats
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Overnight oats are one’s comfort food that is rich in nutrition and makes the perfect meal for both adults and toddlers. Since they need no cooking or baking but saturation of the different ingredients, the container you choose to set your layers should be deep with a spill proof airtight seal that keeps the aroma locked in.

Benefits of Choosing Tupperware Containers for Overnight Oats

Choosing Tupperware containers over glass mason jars for making the delicious overnight oats have a couple of benefits that are

  1. They are travel friendly. If you are always running up late to your work, simply fetch some overnight oats from your refrigerator and pack it fearlessly in your bag. The anti-spill, air tight seal keeps the oats from turning soggy and prevent accidental leakages.
  2. Admit or not, while those mason jars make picture perfect overnight oats showing all the layers; it is one of the most difficult tasks to eat through it. It gets hard to dig into the lower layers. You want to chunk on your fruits, oats and seeds equally; so try Tupperware containers that are wide, deep and flat.
  3. Instead of making individual portions, cut time by making a large family serving. Using Tupperware Counter top jars will help you achieve the goal. These jars are beautiful and transparent. Show off the layers and serve it on table proudly.

Overnight oats are your lazy days breakfast but they are healthy that keep you fueled all the day. Take a container at work, or toss one carelessly in your backpack for hiking on a cloudy day. Mason jars must be replaced with Tupperware containers for devouring the oats.

What are you waiting for? Add in some fresh or dried fruits, seeds & nuts, a dash of milk and yogurt.  Mix, chill, carry and eat all day using the same container! No mess, no spills!